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2012      Jun 11

Suited hands in Unibet online casino poker games are arguably the most overrated starting cards in the game because a lot of people fail to judge the true value of the hand.

Although when the suits are the same, your hand may look attractive on the eye and immediately the thoughts of a flush come into your head, the problem is people don’t actually consider what else is on each card, especially if they normally just stick to Unibet sports betting.

Playing a starting hand just because it is suited is the wrong move to make. The important thing about your cards is their rank. The higher they both are, the more valuable they will be to you. Another positive would be if they were connected because you then have different options going into the flop. An open-ended straight is in your favour as well as the flush and other possibilities such as a high pair.

If you are thinking about playing suited cards at the start of a game, consider the cost of seeing the extra cards. If the price is relatively low, then sometimes it is worth taking a risk because you are getting good value. However, if someone has bet big, it is likely that they have something much stronger than you at that current moment in time so it would be the wrong move to call their bet with your hand.

It is also worth remembering that the probability of flopping a flush is as low as 12% with any suited starting hand. Therefore if you go into the middle with not many options, you are likely to be in second place after the three extra cards.

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