Slotsquad Begins Spotting for Real Money Casinos to Play in 2015

The year is nearly over and for some it means another cold and wet miserable month will follow December, but for others it means losing a share of the casino market. The online gaming sphere is huge; competition is crippling, and the big betting brands are at war with smaller casinos trying to get their foot in the door. January is crucial in any business model and more so when it comes to the online casino industry. Whether it’s to do with preparing for the end of the financial year come April, the fact that more new games and slots hit the market or that fresh competition is emerging. 2015 is a problem for anyone at the top of their game. It’s a new year with new enemies., which monitors the real money bonus calendar is predicting a huge soar in bonuses come January and has already started spotting for the best casinos to play for cash next year.


The Squad as they call themselves are not giving much away but we believe they’re using certain variables to predict the best real money casinos of 2015. Mobile is critical and players who use iPads and smartphones to play slots will have their moment next year, Slotsquad are definitely using responsive design critique whilst reviewing casinos for smartphone and tablet devices. Another aspect is payout rates, how much does a casino site pay out across the board and not just on a certain video slot, we believe Slotsquad has started to map the market place with key fixes on websites that offer better RTP (Return to Player) value than their competitors. Finally, it is thought that long term membership values are being calculated by members of Slotsquad.


The good news is that we don’t have to wait till January to find out which online casinos will be trending in the New Year. If you take a look at what has already put together it suggests the casino review portal has already found them. It’s not a hard solution if you take into account of what they’ve been doing. Looking for slots and gaming sites that respond to mobile devices, identifying betting brands with the best overall payout rates and working out which operator will give you the most money over the course of your membership. It’s not rocket science, but at least somebody’s doing it. Thanks Slotsquad!